Surgery in NOT the only option!

What is the DRS Protocol™?

The DRS Protocol™ is a comprehensive combination of treatments, which include axial/spinal decompression, and multiple therapies and utilizes “Patient Centered Healthcare” and “best practice” approach. This protocol, developed by Dr. Richard E. Busch, III, has been changing patients lives for over 14 years!

The DRS Protocol™ has been proven most effective for involved and chronic disc conditions: degenerative disc disease, herniated disc(s), numbness and tingling of the hands/arms and legs/feet, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and failed back and neck surgeries. Dr. Busch customizes treatment for each patient’s needs, as each patient’s health and condition is individual.

Dr. Busch states, “I know what we do for care is the solution for the fight against low back and neck pain because for over twelve years we have seen the life changing outcomes for our patients through treatment with our unique customized DRS Protocol™.”

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